Everyone should have a will in place. This includes a married couple, couples with children, and singles. Wills are the only way you have a say in how your assets are handled and distributed after your death. Failing to have a valid will means your loved ones have no direction and the courts in Tennessee will be determining the distribution of your property.

Protecting Your Family

A will also ensures you have made provisions for your minor children. It is important to consider who you wish to care for your children in the event of the unthinkable where your child loses both you and your spouse in an accident. Should you fail to have a will in place, the courts will make this decision on your behalf, meaning you have no say.

Today, blended families are more common than ever. By providing guidance on the distribution of assets, you can avoid problems between a surviving step-parent and your children.

Estate Planning Regardless of Finances

Many people believe wills and other estate planning tools are only for the very wealthy. The reality is, the size of your estate does not matter. Putting your wishes in writing prior to your disability or death provides you peace of mind and gives your loved ones’ direction.

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