Living Wills/Advanced Directive

Living Wills/Advanced Directive

Tennessee’s Right to Natural Death Act allows you to make decisions for your end of life care. This bill allows people the opportunity to decide to not be kept alive through artificial means if this is not their wish. This act also allows people to make other decisions, including what medical treatment they will accept in the event of a terminal illness.

Advanced Directives

An advance directive allows another person to make such decisions for you in the event you are unable to do so for yourself. It is important to understand if you wish to specify the terms of your end-of-life care, and after death wishes, you must have a living will or advance directive in place. These documents must be in place prior to your mental capacity being impacted by illness or injury.

Living Wills

Under the terms of a living will, you specify your wishes for treatment, or lack of treatment, desired. Your physician must then carry out these wishes or ensure your care is entrusted to another healthcare professional who will carry out your wishes.

Regardless of which you prefer, I can help you draft the proper documents, and ensure you understand the requirements for proper execution. Witnesses are required for both documents, none of whom may be a family member. Keep in mind, if you have these documents drafted, you have the right to change the terms later if your wishes change.

If you are concerned about end of life care, or the disposition of your remains after death, contact Sandos Law, PLLC today. I can help you get the proper legal documents drafted to ensure your wishes are carried out.