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Why choose Sandos Law over a brick and mortar law firm?

You need a plan to protect yourself and your loved ones but you do not have the time to sit down in a law office for hours, multiple times, to create this plan. Being completely web-based, you can communicate with a licensed attorney on your own schedule to achieve your goals. Additionally, because Sandos Law is completely web-based, the savings from the overhead of a brick and mortar office are passed along to you! For a fraction of the cost, Sandos Law delivers exceptional services from an experienced attorney.

Why choose Sandos Law over online estate plan generator sites?

When you choose generic online estate plan generators you will be missing the invaluable interaction with a licensed attorney, as well as the opportunity to personalize your estate plan to YOUR life. The peace of mind from knowing an attorney, licensed in the State of Tennessee, has personally prepared your estate plan, tailored to you and your needs, is invaluable and could potentially save unintended expenses when the time comes for the plan to be utilized.