Sandos Law, PLLC

The need for an affordable, experienced attorney to offer personalized services on your schedule is top priority for many Tennesseans. This is one of the reasons I offer my services virtually to clients throughout the state of Tennessee. I understand you have a busy schedule, so we can communicate via email, telephone, or other technologies, at your convenience. I also find people tend to be more comfortable when they are in their own homes, versus in a law office.  I strive to provide you with a personable experience, through the convenience of technology.

Affordable Estate Planning

Aside from the convenience, one primary reason my clients find using a virtual, web-based law practice so attractive is cost. I offer all my services online and therefore do not have the expensive traditional costs associated with most law offices. This allows me to share the savings with you in the form of lower legal costs. You can access high-quality legal services without the big price tag that is common in brick-and-mortar law practices.

Sandos Law is a shift from the preconceived notion of how a law firm should look. When you need a lawyer that is accessible on your schedule, instead of having rigid office hours that require you to take time away from your job, Sandos Law is here to meet your needs. When you choose Sandos Law for your basic estate plan needs, you can feel confident in knowing what you are getting. You are buying peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones; you are buying a service, not time. Sandos Law is 100% fee for service based, so there are no hidden expenses.

I understand the importance of having an estate plan. It is important to you and it is important for your loved ones. I will take the time to understand what your finances are today, what they may be in the future and help you draft a customized plan that meets your needs. If you have a current will, living will, or powers of attorney that require modification, I can help with those as well.

Tennessee residents needing exceptional legal services at an affordable price should contact Sandos Law, PLLC. I provide all the essential estate planning services. I know you are concerned about the future, we all are. I can help you create a custom estate plan that meets your needs and the needs of your loved ones.